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Atypical proposals in New York

If you desire an atypical, exclusive proposal experience, New York City offers a myriad of unforgettable choices.

The best atypical proposals in New York

Atypical proposals add a unique touch to life’s memorable moments, breaking free from conventions.

Create a tale beyond expectations—moments set against unique backdrops become symbols of your shared journey. Choose a proposal as creative as your love, tailored to reflect your relationship. In New York’s vibrant energy, find diverse settings for atypical proposals. These moments become cherished stories, an investment in a lifetime of shared memories. Step away from the ordinary, embracing creativity and spontaneity. Atypical proposals celebrate love’s uniqueness—a reflection of your extraordinary bond.

Organize an atypical proposal in New York

Crafting an atypical wedding proposal in New York means intertwining the city’s iconic allure with the unique narrative of your love story. Explore distinctive locations—a concealed rooftop, a quaint historic corner, or an artfully adorned loft. Infuse local talents like a private serenade or an intimate off-Broadway proposal.

Elevate the experience with culinary delights—choose a trendy restaurant or orchestrate a gourmet park picnic. Embrace the city’s diverse culture by tailoring music, cuisine, or decor to mirror your interests. 

Leverage New York’s energy for a surprising twist—a Times Square flash mob or a vintage subway proposal.

Collaborate with local specialists to manifest your vision seamlessly. Capture the moment with a skilled photographer in dynamic settings. Ensure privacy in a bustling city with specialists guiding you to intimate, concealed spots.



Rooftop Serenity

Exchange vows under the stars on an exclusive Brooklyn rooftop, surrounded by an enchanting panorama of city lights, flowers, champagne and view.

Luxury boat ride

Propose in a secluded boat ride through the tranquil waterways of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, with the glittering cityscape as your secret witness.

Urban Oasis Escape

Discover a concealed garden oasis in Central Park for an intimate proposal, away from the hustle, surrounded by nature’s beauty in the heart of the city.

Artistic Skylines Affair

Create a masterpiece together during a private art class at the Met, culminating in a surprise proposal with a breathtaking view of the city from the museum’s rooftop.

Hideaway Unveiling

Step back in time with a proposal at the historic Green-Wood Cemetery, amidst the elegant architecture and serene landscapes.