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Winter proposals in New York

Propose during winter in New York with one of the 5 best recommended & voted activities.

Propose during Winter in New York

For a winter wedding proposal in the heart of New York, picture a city draped in a glistening coat of snow, setting the stage for a magical and tranquil atmosphere. As New York transforms into a winter wonderland, iconic locations like Central Park, Times Square, or the Brooklyn Bridge offer captivating backdrops for your proposal.

Timing becomes pivotal for a winter proposal, and aligning it with festive occasions or the city’s enchanting holiday lights can enhance the enchantment. Collaborate with a specialist versed in winter proposals, navigating the intricacies of proposing in colder weather to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.

Express your vision to our seasoned planners, sharing the unique journey of your relationship and the winter proposal of your dreams. No concept is too ambitious, and our network of planners will work within your budget to bring your vision to life. 

Planning a summer proposal

Crafting a winter proposal in New York City, especially from a distance, might seem like a puzzle with numerous considerations. Where’s the ideal winter spot? How can the winter ambiance be seamlessly incorporated? Will there be spectators? Where to find exquisite winter-themed decorations, along with champagne, a photographer, and a videographer?

We acknowledge the unique vision each couple holds for their special moment. Be it a public declaration in the midst of winter charm, an intimate snowy rendezvous, or a preference for a cozy indoor setting, our dedicated planners are here for you. 

They’ll guide you through every aspect, addressing questions you might not have thought of. 


Ice Rink Elegance

Propose on a magical winter evening at the Wollman Rink in Central Park. Glide across the ice hand-in-hand, surrounded by twinkling lights and the city skyline. 

Snowy Rooftop

Plan a private rooftop experience surrounded by glistening snow. With a backdrop of snow-covered skyscrapers, propose in a winter wonderland.

Holiday Lights Helicopter

Soar above the sparkling city lights on a private helicopter ride. With the skyline adorned in holiday lights, propose high above the city.

Fireside Park Picnic

Set up a fireside picnic in a secluded corner of Central Park. Surrounded by snowy landscapes, propose amidst the warmth of a crackling fire.

Christmas Tree Farm

scape the city for a day at a nearby Christmas tree farm. Wander through rows of evergreens, find “the one,” and propose amidst the festive atmosphere.