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Private proposals in New York

If you crave an intimate, exclusive experience, New York City provides a plethora of unforgettable choices.

The best private proposals in New York

s you stand on the cusp of a momentous event – proposing to your beloved in the heart of New York City – take a moment to envision crafting an intimate yet unforgettable experience. Ultimately, it’s your love story set against the backdrop of this dynamic urban tapestry.

Picture proposing with iconic New York landmarks like Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge as your witnesses, without being engulfed by the crowds. We have the perfect solution to transform your dream proposal into a tangible reality.

Our network of proposal specialists in New York is dedicated to turning unique ideas into life-changing moments. They are committed to ensuring your proposal is etched in your memories as a stress-free and extraordinary event. Proposing is a significant moment in itself, and proposing in an unfamiliar city can add complexity. However, from the initial concept to flawless execution and enchanting embellishments, our specialists are well-versed in making it all come together seamlessly

For a romantic and intimate proposal

Proposing in New York City with an intimate private proposal is a truly enchanting experience that combines the grandeur of the city with the warmth of a personal moment. New York City offers a plethora of charming, secluded spots, allowing couples to escape the hustle and bustle and find their own little corner of magic. Whether it’s a quiet rooftop overlooking the iconic skyline, a hidden garden in Central Park, or a cozy corner in a trendy restaurant, these intimate settings provide a backdrop of unparalleled romance. New York’s vibrant energy and diverse culture add an extra layer of magic to an intimate proposal. You can infuse your private moment with the city’s artistic spirit, perhaps with a private serenade by a local musician.


Private observatory

Reserve a private moment at the Empire State Building Observatory with a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline as your backdrop.

Brooklyn Charm

Choose a private rooftop in Brooklyn during sunset, with a jazz trio setting the mood with your partner’s cherished melody.

Secret Garden

Plan a proposal in the tranquil Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, serenaded by a harpist while the setting sun bathes your special moment.

City lights helicopter

Stage your private proposal on a SoHo rooftop at sunset, where a saxophonist plays your partner’s treasured melody.

In a boat

Plan your proposal on a boat at sunset on a tranquil lake or river, with a talented musician or band performing your partner’s favorite song.