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Proposals on atypical buildings

Get ready to propose on atypical buildings in downtown New York. The best-organized proposals on the market.

Propose on atypical buildings

Choosing to propose on atypical buildings adds a unique touch to your special moment. New York City’s iconic skyline offers a diverse range of unconventional venues, from historic landmarks to modern architectural marvels. Imagine proposing on a rooftop garden overlooking the city or against the backdrop of an industrial-chic loft space. 

The possibilities are as endless as the city’s skyline. Our expert planners can help you discover the perfect atypical building, transform it into a romantic setting, and ensure every detail aligns with your vision. From historic charm to contemporary elegance, an atypical building proposal in New York City promises an unforgettable experience that reflects the extraordinary nature of your love story.

Organize your dream proposal

Crafting a remarkable wedding proposal on atypical New York buildings demands thoughtful planning. Begin by selecting a unique building, ensuring it holds personal significance or boasts exceptional views. Coordinate with authorities or building management for a smooth, legal process. Time your proposal strategically, considering the building’s ambiance and checking the weather forecast. Engage with professionals familiar with the site for optimal locations, permit assistance, and valuable insights.

Capture the moment by hiring a skilled photographer or videographer experienced in shooting against the city skyline. Add personal touches reflecting your relationship, such as shared memories or sentimental items. Consider surprises like live music or customized decor. Ensure privacy by choosing a less crowded time or a secluded area within the building.


Lighthouse Love

Illuminate your love atop a historic lighthouse overlooking the city. Enjoy an intimate proposal with the lighthouse as your beacon.

Glasshouse Heights

Propose in a stunning glasshouse suspended from a skyscraper, surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic city views for a memorable proposal.

Stars observatory

ransform an observatory into a celestial wonder for your proposal. Arrange a private stargazing experience with an astronomer, making your engagement under the stars.

Water Tower Whispers

Climb to the top of a historic water tower for a secluded and romantic proposal. Add the city skyline as your backdrop for your special moment.

Rooftop Aviary Affection

Propose in a rooftop aviary nestled high above the city. Surrounded by exotic birds and lush foliage, this unique setting offers a whimsical for your atypical proposal.