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Public proposals in New York

For those who seek a shared, celebratory experience, New York City opens the door to a multitude of unforgettable options.

The best public proposals in New York

As you anticipate a significant moment—declaring your love in the heart of New York City—imagine orchestrating a shared and unforgettable experience. Envision proposing amid iconic New York landmarks like Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge, surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city. 

Our network of proposal specialists is devoted to transforming your dream into reality, ensuring your public proposal is both stress-free and extraordinary.

Celebrate your proposal in public

Organizing an unforgettable public proposal in the vibrant city of New York requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Choosing an iconic location, such as the lively Times Square, the scenic Central Park, or the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, sets the stage for a memorable event. The selection of the venue should resonate with the couple’s unique love story, adding a meaningful touch to the proposal.

Timing plays a crucial role in the success of a public proposal. Opting for moments when the city is alive with energy, such as during festivals or events, enhances the overall atmosphere. It’s essential to consider favorable weather conditions, especially for outdoor proposals, and have a backup plan or choose locations with nearby shelter options. 


Collaborating with a professional proposal planner who specializes in public engagements can significantly ease the process. These experts assist in obtaining necessary permits, managing logistics, and infusing creative elements to enhance the proposal’s overall experience. 


Times Square

Make your love shine on Times Square screens. A surprise video proposal surrounded by the city’s vibrant energy in the most iconic place of New York.

Subway Symphony

Arrange a flash mob of musicians or singers on a subway platform. As your partner arrives, realize a spontaneous performance before you pop the question.

Brooklyn Bridge

Propose on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Coordinate with street artists and musicians to create a personalized promenade experience.

High Line Love Trail

Wander the High Line’s art-filled path, unveiling messages from friends, leading to a scenic proposal with city views, flowers and champagne.

Grand Central Flash Love

Coordinate a flash proposal in the bustling Grand Central Terminal. Have a group of friends & strangers participate in a dance moment ending with a proposal.