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Proposals in a historic monument

Get ready to pop the question In a historic monument. Find the perfect wedding proposal planner to make it happen.

The best proposals in monuments.

The best proposals in New York monuments offer an unparalleled blend of grandeur, history, and romance. With iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge, New York provides a plethora of breathtaking settings to create unforgettable moments of love. Imagine getting down on one knee atop the observation deck of the Empire State Building, surrounded by panoramic views of the city that never sleeps, or professing your love against the backdrop of Lady Liberty herself, symbolizing freedom and hope. The majestic architecture and rich cultural significance of these monuments serve as a perfect backdrop for declaring your commitment to your partner. 

For a romantic and intimate proposal

Organizing the best proposals in New York monuments as a foreigner requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure a seamless and memorable experience. Start by researching the various monuments and landmarks in the city, considering factors such as accessibility, crowd levels, and significance to you and your partner. Utilize online resources, guidebooks, and local recommendations to gather information and insights into each location. Next, consider hiring a local proposal planner or guide who can assist with navigating logistics, obtaining permits if necessary, and providing insider knowledge about each monument. Communicate your vision and preferences clearly to your planner, including any special touches or surprises you want to incorporate into the proposal. Additionally, consider timing your proposal to coincide with a meaningful moment, such as sunset or a special anniversary. Finally, be sure to capture the magic of the moment with a photographer or videographer, so you can cherish the memories of your New York monument proposal for years to come.


Private observatory

Reserve a private moment at the Empire State Building Observatory with a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline as your backdrop.

Sunset night

Time your proposal during sunset at the Empire State Building’s Observatory, and have a talented musician or band perform your partner’s favorite song.

Dinner in the clouds

Arrange for an intimate dinner at the Empire State Building’s private dining area. Enjoy a gourmet meal while gazing out at the city below.

Building light show

Coordinate with the Empire State Building’s management to arrange a custom light show that spells out “Will You Marry Me?”. Discover building proposal.

City lights helicopter

Take your proposal to new heights by arranging a helicopter ride over New York City at night. Propose with the mesmerizing lights.